Discovery's Edge is Mayo Clinic's medical research news site, offering insight into the process and progress of medical science at the world's largest group medical practice. Our goal is to tell the stories of scientists and physician-researchers who are improving treatment and care for patients every day through interdisciplinary studies in all areas of medicine. Discovery's Edge also reports on works in progress — ongoing efforts on the edge of discovery.

The needs of the patients are seen every day in the hospitals and exam rooms across the three campuses of Mayo Clinic in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota. Those needs are taken to the laboratory, where research discoveries are translated into therapies. Those therapies are then applied in clinical practice, meeting the needs of the patients. And because of its dedication and innovative organization, Mayo Clinic takes research from the laboratory to the patient faster and better than anyone else. That's part of its compelling research story.

The other part of the story is the researchers themselves: Many are experts in their fields; all are talented professionals who want to find cures and improve lives. You can share in their excitement and motivation as you read their stories in Discovery's Edge.

Discovery's Edge Staff

Medical Editor: Joseph Murray, M.D.

Dr. Murray is a Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist and an international expert on celiac disease. In addition to gluten sensitivity, he researches esophageal disorders.  A professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Sciences, Dr. Murray received his undergraduate and medical degrees from the National University of Ireland.

Executive Editor: Marla Broadfoot, Ph.D.

Associate Editor, Biomedical Research: Alison Satake

Associate Editor, Research Education: Kate Ledger

Coordinators: Kathryn Helwig and Laura Born

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