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Serving Where Needed

Engineer, Air Force brigadier general, and surgeon: Michael Yaszemski, M.D., Ph.D., builds research teams and polymer scaffolds to regenerate hope for patients. Orthopedic surgeon Michael...

Enemy of My Enemy

Measles has long been our enemy but with modification it transforms into a weapon against ovarian cancer. Rene Maleski knew it was bad news when...

How Mayo is Transforming Medicine

“I hope you go home at night and realize that you are changing the world.”        – Dr. Alex Parker to team...

Spinal cord neurostimulation helps paralyzed man make progress.

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Using antibodies to improve therapy for Alzheimer’s.


Breast cancer researchers and a Mayo-only advance in treatment.


Seeking a stem cell treatment for stroke patients.

Research Education

Thinking Small for Big Possibilities

A Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences student combines immunology and nanotechnology to pursue treatments for brain cancer and stroke. Christina von Roemeling is...

A Summer in the Lab

Internship program at Mayo Clinic gives college students a chance to explore graduate school and biomedical research. Like many college students, Nathan Huber spent...

Inspired to Engineer

A graduate student and her international team create a virtual surgical tool to improve function to a paralyzed arm. In a serious accident, such as...

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