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Advancing Critical Treatments for Stroke: Thomas Brott, M.D.

Advancing Critical Treatments for Stroke: Thomas Brott, M.D. Thomas Brott, M.D., a Mayo Clinic neurologist, still vividly remembers the first moment he saw his research...

The Collective Power of Biobanks

Biobanks preserve our body's knowledge so it can pay dividends in the future.   Since antiquity physicians have analyzed patient specimens to diagnose illness. Now, our...

Seeing the Future

Mayo Clinic researcher and ophthalmologist Raymond Iezzi, M.D., rescues sight. He combines precise surgical techniques with technology like bionics, biosensors and femtosecond lasers to...

Spinal cord neurostimulation helps paralyzed man make progress.

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Using antibodies to improve therapy for Alzheimer’s.


Breast cancer researchers and a Mayo-only advance in treatment.


A Diagnostic Odyssey

Research Education

Brainstorming on Epilepsy

Epilepsy strikes without warning, when an electrical storm sweeps across the brain. Storm-chasing teams of researchers have adopted computational techniques to pinpoint and predict...

The Tale of the Captivating Researcher and the Spider Goat

Graduate students learn how to explain their research, so projects and careers aren’t lost in translation.   Given 180 seconds to explain his research in...

Diversifying Grad School with PREP

Program prepares students from underrepresented groups to succeed in their pursuit of a Ph.D. in research.  Vanessa Ruiz always dreamed of becoming a physician-scientist. But...

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