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Natural Philosophers get new term: Scientist

For context on this series, please read our editor’s note on this series. Natural Philosophers get new term: Scientist CAMBRIDGE, England, 1833 --- The natural philosophers of the...

Dementia Mysteries Untangled

In the world of scientific research, a decade can go by without major findings on what’s known about a disease. But over the past...

Serving Where Needed

Engineer, Air Force brigadier general, and surgeon: Michael Yaszemski, M.D., Ph.D., builds research teams and polymer scaffolds to regenerate hope for patients. Orthopedic surgeon Michael...

Spinal cord neurostimulation helps paralyzed man make progress.

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Using antibodies to improve therapy for Alzheimer’s.


Breast cancer researchers and a Mayo-only advance in treatment.


A Diagnostic Odyssey

Research Education

Thinking Small for Big Possibilities

A Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences student combines immunology and nanotechnology to pursue treatments for brain cancer and stroke. Christina von Roemeling is...

A Summer in the Lab

Internship program at Mayo Clinic gives college students a chance to explore graduate school and biomedical research. Like many college students, Nathan Huber spent...

Inspired to Engineer

A graduate student and her international team create a virtual surgical tool to improve function to a paralyzed arm. In a serious accident, such as...

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