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How do you starve cancer? How does the body recognize “self”? What makes cells stop producing insulin? These are some of the unanswered, but fundamental...

The term "teamwork" is widely used when talking about scientific research, but when it comes to the Mayo Clinic version, it means cross-disciplinary teams...

The path to becoming a biomedical researcher is not for the fainthearted. It requires years of study, an insatiable curiosity and unflagging persistence in...

Millions of patients with diabetes lead normal lives because they take insulin on a daily basis to control their condition. Prior to 1922, their...

During residency and post-residency fellowships, emerging doctors can be overwhelmed with the responsibilities of caring for patients. As a result, they often abandon their...

Thinking of having your genome sequenced? Just what does that mean, anyway? This short animation tells the whole story.


How an extremely accurate, non-invasive test for colon cancer began with research with Native Americans in remote Alaskan communities


Choline c-11, created and used before it deteriorates, gives doctors a glimpse at where prostate cancer is hiding in its earliest stages.


Mayo Clinic researchers are working on an alternative liver…at least until a transplant is possible.

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