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The Power of Patents

Inventors and their breakthrough ideas are popular cultural touchstones in America’s history: Benjamin Franklin’s lightning rod; Thomas Edison’s light bulb; the Wright brothers’ first...

Reflections on the Past – First cure with a new drug

Mayo Clinic’s role in developing the first effective tuberculosis treatment Patricia Thomas was trying to keep up her spirits. Her cough was not improving. Already...

Teaming Up to Tackle Polycystic Kidney Disease

The term "teamwork" is widely used when talking about scientific research, but when it comes to the Mayo Clinic version, it means cross-disciplinary teams...

AIDS and Its Pulmonary Threat — A Mystery Solved

Since the 1980s, pneumocystis pneumonia, or PCP, has infected thousands of HIV/AIDS patients. For nearly three decades, Mayo Clinic internist Andrew Limper, M.D., has...

The microbiome consists of all the microbes living “with” you at the current time. It’s time you got to know them and why you can’t easily live without them.


How an extremely accurate, non-invasive test for colon cancer began with research with Native Americans in remote Alaskan communities


Mayo infectious disease researchers are using robots to keep dangerous bugs at bay.


Mayo Clinic researchers are working on an alternative liver…at least until a transplant is possible.

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