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gastroenterologist and cell biologist at Mayo Clinic. “It recurs. That’s telling us something ... time. It also implicated specific cells, called cholangiocytes, in disease development ... biliary channels are lined with cells called cholangiocytes. Cholangiocytes ... the liver. These tasks require the cell’s membranes to allow substances to flow ... antenna-like structure, called a primary cilium that extends from each cell into the biliary

Researchers Question if Inflammation or Fat Cell Size Affects Insulin Resistance

Researchers Question if Inflammation or Fat Cell Size Affects Insulin Resistance ... the fat cells, not inflammation, is the deciding factor on how the cells manage ... inflammation as measured by inflammatory cells, such as macrophages, and inflammatory ... researchers know that the bigger a fat cell gets, the worse it's able to do its ... isn't clear which comes first. Fat Cell Size in Human Obesity In 2015, Michael

Training the New Scientists of Aging

drugs that selectively eliminate senescent cells (contributers to age-related diseases) ... be a way to specifically target old cells, I would have laughed. If you’d told

Mitochondrial Malfunctions

Within each of the body’s tiny cells are dozens to tens of dozens of even ... responses. They help determine which cells should grow and which should die. And ... researcher Eugenia Trushina, Ph.D. Cells have lots of types of organelles, but ... to live symbiotically inside larger cells — one changing the other to our ultimate ... complicate the picture even more, while a cell has just one nucleus with one genome

Aging and Immune Decline: Destiny or Dynamic?

development of certain functions as well as the decline of others. At a certain ... fall apart, get worn out and work less well. But there are individuals and cultures ... aging and depicting the ecosystem these cells inhabit, scientists hope their findings ... cranny in the body. It consists of cells, organs, tissues and protein communication ... and tissue “flora” and white blood cell “fauna” all have the goal of maintaining

Reversing Aging in Mice: A New Drug Target

necessary chemical processes between cells. When that balance is upset, the body ... malfunction at multiple levels, from cells to organs. In mice, that balancing ... is in part mediated by a molecule called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or ... restore healthy function to the mice. Called 78c, it inhibits CD38, a specific enzyme ... health span, as well as reducing DNA damage, the cause of cell aging. The researchers

Bad Fat, Misbehaving Kidneys May Share Common Offender

In a recent paper published in Cell Reports, Mayo Clinic scientists found ... that a sensory device on cells determines if a fat cell burns fat or stores it ... focuses on the sensory antenna of the cell in different human diseases, and the ... D., focused on adipogenesis and senescence; and Kun Ling, Ph.D.; focused on ... "gate" between a cell and its antennalike structure called primary cilium. This

Good Advice on Obesity? Wait for it…

the very active and dynamic tissue we call fat.  Fat goes from fuel to ... says Dr. Jensen. Even looking at fat cells gives you that idea. Their most striking ... (similar to cooking oil) with the cell’s nucleus and organelles squished in ... in where there’s room. The fat cell’s main job is to remove excess fat from the ...  The process is highly controlled. Fat cells pay attention to their own internal