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Safer Space Travel is the Goal of Mayo Researchers

a greater-than-normal percentage of cells linked to aging. Heart damage is also ... minilaboratories of cells, maintaining them and recording data. The cells will be analyzed ... ; and James Kirkland, M.D., Ph.D Cells in Space Connor spent time at Mayo ... "He will be taking these heartlike cells, cultivating them in space, changing ... so focused, says Dr. Terzic. The cells provided for the study originated from

Heart Cells Become Zombies, Too, Though they Rarely Divide

Heart Cells Become Zombies, Too, Though they Rarely Divide ... have shown even though heart muscle cells from mice and humans rarely divide ... divide, they can become zombie, or senescent, cells. For patients with heart failure ... avenues of research. Cells that become senescent have, in essence, tripped ... response, cell programming prevents them from dividing, but the cells don’t die

Animal Model Suggests Metabolic Syndrome May Impair Repair

replicator in the mesenchymal stem cell. These act as the raw material for future ... future muscles, cartilage, or bone cells, to name a few. But scientists at Mayo ... that examined how mesenchymal stem cells act in an animal model of metabolic ... and diabetes. They report that stem cells in pigs with metabolic syndrome are ... Stasis for a cell is a state called senescence. These senescent cells hover between

Researchers Identify Cells that Drive Human Skin Aging

Researchers Identify Cells that Drive Human Skin Aging ... new ways to protect it. Over time, cells in the body can be damaged by external ... changes occur so the outermost layer called the epidermis gets less nourishment ... looking at different cell populations in skin to see if any cell type was associated ... the ends of every chromosome in cells, called telomeres. Dr. Passos’ team research

Mayo Expert Addresses Bone and Mineral Scientists

endocrinologist at Mayo Clinic, as well as the Dr. Francis Chucker and Nathan ... estrogen’s role in bone metabolism is well-known for women, only in the last 16 ... ” Directing the Conversation between Bone Cells Other avenues of treatment may also ... between osteoclasts and osteoblasts, cells responsible for bone breakdown and ... communication between these types of cells. What they found according to Dr

Research into Experimental COVID-19 Therapeutics Explained

interruption works because unlike human cells and DNA, SARS-CoV-2 carries its instructions ... make more viruses by hijacking a host cell. Typically, antiviral drugs target one ... causes COVID-19 is called SARS-CoV-2. It is in a family called coronavirus, so ... embedded in a protective, fatty coating called a lipid envelope. It keeps the viral ... the RNA can be injected into a host cell. One example of an antiviral drug

Experts Explain “The Longevity Dividend”

and concurrent research in-depth and call for aging to be brought into the limelight ... using specific drugs to target senescent cellscells that contribute to frailty

From Fasting to a Pill? Mayo Clinic Scientists Explore the Biology of Caloric Restriction

general, limiting calories safely is called caloric restriction, food restriction ... focus is the chemical reactions in cells ― all of which are grouped under the ... specific cellular process linked to how cells fuel themselves and do their job.Homing ... tasks, including making energy for the cell. It is part of protein creation and ... type of cells that are shut down by the body but refuse to die. These cells are