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Zeroing in on APOE Gene to Better Understand Aging, Alzheimer’s Disease

Medicine and chair of Neuroscience at Mayo Clinic in Florida. He is also the associate ... biochemistry, biophysics, cellular neuroscience, neuropathology, biomarker discovery

APOE Mutation Associated With Reduced Alzheimer’s Disease Risk

APOE3-Jacksonville, or APOE3-Jac for Jacksonville, Florida. To understand the mechanisms that ... Medicine and chair of Neuroscience at Mayo Clinic in Florida. He is also the associate ... the Department of Neuroscience at Mayo Clinic in Florida. He is also the associate ... Institutes of Health grants and the Florida Department of Health Ed and Ethel

New Biomarkers May Speed Clinical Trials of ALS Drugs

Ph.D., on Mayo Clinic’s campus in Florida, discovered a genetic mutation that ... Leonard Petrucelli, Ph.D., Chair of Neuroscience, developed the first mouse model ... studies by neuroscientists on the Florida campus have identified biomarkers ... Clinic in Florida ... neurosciences

Alzheimer’s treatment may need to begin before plaques form

Ph.D., on Mayo Clinic’s campus in Florida, found that the apoE4 protein exerts ... Mayo Clinic in Florida ... neurosciences

New Alzheimer’s gene pathway discovered

A research team on Mayo Clinic’s Florida campus may be one step closer. They’ve ... in the department of neuroscience at Mayo Clinic’s Florida campus and assistant ... School of Biomedical Sciences on the Florida campus. “My next thought was that ... Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program of Florida Department of Health, the Gilmer Family ... Mayo Clinic in Florida

New Grant Funds Alzheimer’s Research

researchers on Mayo Clinic’s campus in Florida has received a grant of $3.5 million ... Guojun Bu, Ph.D., professor of neuroscience, and Nilüfer Ertekin-Taner, M.D ... professor of neurology and professor of neuroscience. Their research team is part of

Researchers Pinpoint Toxic Protein Caused by ALS Gene

Neuroscientists on Mayo Clinic’s campus in Florida have found an aberrant protein is ... chair of the Department of Neurosciences in Florida. “In this study we identified ... Mayo Clinic in Florida

3D Brain Model Advances Alzheimer’s Research at Mayo Clinic

the Department of Neuroscience at Mayo Clinic in Florida and associate director ... Center for Regenerative Medicine in Florida. This research establishes a new ... Neuroregeneration Lab at Mayo Clinic in Florida grew 3- to 4-millimeter living organoids