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The Importance of Antibody Testing in Addressing COVID-19

important role of testing for the disease. The ability to know who has the virus ... then able to detect those who are infected. Researchers also are interested ... fighting off a disease. Antibodies can be particular for one kind of disease or sometimes ... sometimes a disease-type, and can provide a window into a patient's infection history ... would be at lower risk for getting re-infected, compared to health care workers who

Vaccine Efforts Move Forward at Mayo Clinic

Humanity has taken on infectious agents, such as the virus that causes ... years, and it's just one of the many diseases out there. But hey, researchers ... developing new vaccines against infectious diseases and for cancer. Yes, cancer ... for propionic acidemia and kidney diseases and oncolytic virotherapies for cancer ... are generally associated with infectious diseases, the definition is broader.

Research After COVID-19? Hold That Thought Says Infectious Diseases Expert

COVID-19? Hold That Thought Says Infectious Diseases Expert ... governments to see vaccine and infectious diseases research as critical to their ... Or what if a drug that treats one disease is repurposed and we start giving ... means what was once improbable in terms of disease transmission is now entirely possible ... someone in the United States being infected by contact with a person who breathed

Foreseeing the Future of Vaccines

means to stop the spread of infectious diseases. Today the same concepts are ... are being called upon for new disease threats including Ebola and Middle East ... and the continued reemergence of diseases such as influenza strains that have ... vaccine development mechanisms for diseases that have been neglected due to economic ... developing and licensing vaccines against diseases that have the potential to be the

COVID-19: The Tale of 1 Virus and 2 Testing Methods

When a new virus emerges that infects and sickens humans, the wheels of ... develop tests to identify those who are infected or have been exposed to the virus ... cells to make more virus and cause disease. The virus that causes COVID-19 ... cell. Sometimes people may be infected by a virus and never know it because ... active infection with symptoms that vary depending on the infecting virus. These

COVID-19 Vaccines Use Different Attack Modes

viral infection starts and how these vaccines work. How Viral Infection Starts Viral ... Starts Viral infection starts when a virus particle, called a viron, enters ... churning out viral proteins. Inside the infected cell, new proteins assemble into new ... investigated in animal models of other infectious diseases and cancer. Sars-CoV-2 viral ... form, they cause mild to severe infections and invade parts of the body with

COVID-19 “Live” Virus Research In a Specialized Lab

safely handle a "live," meaning infectious, sample. No one knows that better ... deep experience studying emerging diseases, Dr. Ebihara and his lab are vital ... knowledge to prevent and treat viral disease and harness viruses as tools for future ... responsible for Ebola virus disease and Marburg virus disease which generally kill ... kill about 50% of those infected, respectively. He has developed and improved various

Goldilocks Ebola Vaccine is Just Right in Animal Trials

Featured in the Journal of Infectious Diseases earlier this year, Stephanie ... immune response but avoids causing disease. “Stephanie’s Ebola virus vaccine ... could replicate too much and caused disease in some patients. The second vaccine ... vaccine did not replicate or cause disease in humans, but it displayed too little