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A History of Cancer, Coronary Artery Disease May Reduce Risk of Dementia

Disease May Reduce Risk of Dementia ... The risks of dementia, cancer and vascular disease ... disease may actually reduce the risk of dementia. Their study results are published ... concern as the most common form of dementia. The researchers set out to determine ... individuals may influence a future risk of dementia. They analyzed data between 1998 to

Researchers Find Other Diseases May Mimic Rare Brain Disorder Linked to Dementia

Mimic Rare Brain Disorder Linked to Dementia ... treatable causes of rapidly progressive dementia, who would otherwise be misdiagnosed ... patients with rapidly progressing dementia due to CJD from its mimics. This need ... different causes of rapidly progressive dementia. They then compared the patient records ... autoimmune encephalitis, frontotemporal dementia, dural arteriovenous fistulas, cerebral

Studying the Devastating Dementia You’ve Probably Never Heard of

Studying the Devastating Dementia You’ve Probably Never Heard of ... result might look a lot like Lewy body dementia – a progressive, incurable and fatal ... think, remember, and move. Lewy body dementia can also result in disturbing behavioral ... 1.4 million Americans, Lewy body dementia is still relatively unfamiliar to ... Ph.D., “Lewy body dementia is the second most common dementia after Alzheimer’s

Dementia Mysteries Untangled

Dementia Mysteries Untangled ... condition known as frontotemporal dementia. This debilitating early-onset neuro-degenerative ... reins in pursuit of frontotemporal dementia genes and quickly became a world leader ... you haven’t heard of frontotemporal dementia, it’s not surprising. The disease ... researchers and physicians. Frontotemporal dementia is known to affect as many as 50,000

A New View of Alzheimer’s

causes memory loss and debilitating dementia. And Alzheimer's is the third-leading ... amyloid and tau actually cause the dementia associated with Alzheimer's. Nor is ... to the brain that usually precede dementia. "No one can really prove exactly what ... that can lead to or contribute to dementia, especially among the elderly. These ... vascular brain injury. These causes of dementia often occur simultaneously, making

Listening is Key in New Alzheimer’s Study

groups. The delay means patients’ dementia may be significant by the time they ... African-American community in addressing dementia. “Our goal is to explore an innovative ... providing care for their loved ones with dementia,” he says. The study represents an ... reluctant to go and be evaluated for dementia. Because of historical abuses in medical ... disparities in cognitive testing for dementia. The following Mayo researchers also

New directions in the study of Alzheimer’s disease

of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Researchers on Mayo Clinic’s ... factors that protect people from dementia. Ultimately, those resilience factors ... on Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias,” says Dr. Petrucelli. ... dementia

Removal of Both Ovaries in Younger Women Associated with Increased Risk of Parkinson’s  

movement. It often is accompanied by dementia, sleep disorders, and bowel and bladder ... estrogen therapy for the prevention of dementia or parkinsonism after spontaneous