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Discovery Science Clears Up How Brain ‘Cleaners’ Fail in ALS

called TAR-DNA binding protein 43 kDa (TDP-43) in people with ALS.Microglia are ... tenuous until now."The aggregation of TDP-43 in the brain is a hallmark for most ... study shows for the first time that TDP-43 is a potential ligand for microglial ... sensing and clearance of pathological TDP-43 protein. Using samples donated to ... created with BioRender. As a ligand, TDP-43 binds to the TREM2 receptor, which

Link Found Between Key Gene and Two Neurodegenerative Diseases

nucleus of brain neurons, the protein TDP-43 helps prepare RNA “instructions” used ... cells need for proper functioning. TDP-43 is like a copyeditor, looking for typos ... to disease. For example, without TDP-43, a messenger RNA “typo” is linked to ... there were more examples of typos that TDP-43 corrected. Research on ALS and other ... made in neuronal tissue samples with TDP-43 and those without the protein. They

Discovery of an ALS Accomplice

suspicious about the protein known as TDP-43. Now, in a new publication in Nature ... the protein as an ALS accomplice. TDP-43 turns up in the brains of 97 percent ... exist within clumps, or aggregates, of TDP-43, a process he knew would be a challenge ... models -- reports that pathological TDP-43 interferes with two specific types ... had been thought that pathological TDP-43 was the victim of a destructive process

New directions in the study of Alzheimer’s disease

Hospital, will look closely at tau and TDP-43, two proteins implicated in the Alzheimer’s ... TPD-43