Mayo Model of Research

The Mayo Model of Research is the framework for how Mayo uniquely transforms the practice of medicine.

Unmet patient needs: Mayo Clinic’s research offers hope to millions of people around the world who are asking medical questions and seeking answers they can’t find anywhere else. At Mayo Clinic, research begins with the unmet needs of patients.

Collaboration: Mayo Clinic’s unique culture of collaboration and teamwork speeds the transformation of promising laboratory discoveries into life-saving treatments for patients with complex conditions. Mayo physicians and scientists work across specialties, side-by-side, to bring solutions to patients.

Continuum: The Mayo Model of Research focuses on advancing scientific breakthroughs across the research continuum – from discovery to translation to application for broad use. Medical research is sometimes likened to a highway with curves, pitfalls and gaps that need to be overcome before it can bring forward new treatments. Mayo bridges funding across the research continuum through multiple funding sources to reduce the “valleys of death” in scientific endeavors, leverage knowledge, and accelerate scientific discoveries into breakthrough therapies for patient care.

Discovery: Mayo Clinic fosters foundational biomedical discovery, because findings at this basic level of discovery -- understanding the biological processes that contribute to human disease -- provide the scientific foundation for potential new therapies.

Translation: The next part of the research journey is translation, which often means advancing basic science discoveries into clinical trials. Strengthening clinical trials is a key priority for Mayo Clinic, so patients have access to experimental treatments and diagnostics that they may not receive elsewhere.

Application: Mayo accelerates innovation and commercialization to scale new processes for broad application in clinical practice. Mayo Clinic’s goal is to commercialize inventions to speed the application of innovations for Mayo Clinic patients and patients everywhere.

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