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Beyond Stem Cells, Regenerative Medicine Finds Exosomes

Exosomes, a new tool in regenerative research, have implications for cardiac and tendon regeneration, wound healing, and incontinence, as well as many...

Vaccine Efforts Move Forward at Mayo Clinic

Humanity has taken on infectious agents, such as the virus that causes smallpox, and won. But cheer quietly. Smallpox eradication took 200...

SARS-CoV-2 Mutations Explained

A year after the first case of COVID-19 was reported in the U.S., more than 26 million Americans are confirmed to have...

COVID-19 Vaccines Use Different Attack Modes

While the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 continues to evolve, there are vaccines developed so far that prevent severe COVID-19. However, they...

Mayo research in Florida makes new strides

Antibody patterns of staining are detectable by a mouse tissue-based assay, set up on a ‘Helmed’ laboratory instrument, and then read by indirect immunofluorescent microscopy.

Discovery science supports patient care

El cirujano e investigador de Mayo, Dr. Mark Truty, está decidido a ofrecer a los pacientes con cáncer de páncreas tanto esperanza como ambas alternativas.

Research advances in pancreatic cancer care


How Clinical Trials Work

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5 Tips for Early Career Scientists, From an Early Career Scientist

Biomedical science is about solving puzzles. Why does a cell stop doing its job? How does it know what to do in...

Scientists, Teachers Partner to Bring Science Experiences to Students

The microscope hovers over a small dish. It's attached to a laptop, so students don't need to press their faces against a...

Mayo Clinic Graduate Students Tackle Diabetes and Liver Disease

Destiny Schultz earned her undergraduate degree in biochemistry at the University of Minnesota. Scott Johnson earned his in biology and chemistry at...

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