A New Look, a Challenging Mission

We launch this new online Discovery’s Edge to answer the requests of so many of our patients and friends: “How can I keep up with Mayo Clinic research?”

We want to make it easy to “keep up” on discoveries, but also to understand how medical science is changing medical practice - how quickly it’s translating into patient care. In the 21st Century we are turning the corner from treating symptoms to actually ending disease. No, we do not exaggerate. It’s truly an exciting time.

We also hope to broaden and deepen public understanding of how medical research happens. We will explain the process and funding of medical science, as well as the pitfalls and roadblocks. We will report not just about Mayo Clinic, but also on the state of the science across specific disciplines.

Featuring award winning artists, animators, video producers and science writers – both Mayo staff members and freelancers – Discovery’s Edge strives to tell the story of where modern medicine is headed. Our impetus is the same philosophy that propelled Mayo Clinic from the start, 150 years ago: the needs of the patient. There is no higher mission.

Dr. Karl Nath, Medical editor

Bob Nellis, Executive editor, July 20, 2015